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The Company

DaftarRoute isn't just another commuting online platform; it's a fusion of innovation and tech wizardry. We're your partners in revolutionizing the daily office commute, driven by cutting-edge technology and a passion for seamless experiences.
Our platform isn't just a means for sharing cabs - it's a marvel of data engineering, orchestrating efficient fleet management and eTMS with finesse. We're all about turning complex data into simple, intuitive solutions, making your commute smarter and more efficient.

Who We Are

We're the dreamers, the builders, and yes, some might call us college dropouts turned Data Engineers and become visionaries! Our journey from engineering intricate data cloud architectures to building robust data pipelines has paved the way for DaftarRoute's inception in India back in 2017.
Our mission is to redefine commuting. We're here to infuse your daily commute with the magic of technology, ensuring every ride with DaftarRoute is a journey filled with convenience, efficiency, and a touch of innovation.

Why Us

We're not just a ride-sharing platform; we're tech innovators on a mission to make commuting hassle-free. Expect a blend of robust technology and a touch of delight, whether it's the precision of our data cloud architectures or the efficiency of our data engineering pipelines.

Join us in redefining commuting experiences through the magic of technology and a commitment to seamless rides.

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